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Spoken Threads Open Storytelling @ Generations Cafe

Updated: 1 day ago

Sunday, March 19th @ 2pm The HUB will resume Spoken Threads open storytelling @ Generations Cafe.

Theme: HOT MESS!

Volunteer Storytellers are invited to share their Hot Mess stories, and maybe indulge in a hot beverage. Or listen to others share their stories.


Spoken Threads welcomes all stories, including those challenging traditional systems and structures. All storytellers are welcome regardless of religious tradition, race, class, gender, ethnicity, political leaning or sexual orientation. Audience members are requested to commit to the discipline of respectful listening.

Ground Rules

- Anyone is welcome to tell a story. Just sign up on the storyteller's sheet if you want to share.

- Stories should be true, personal and told in the first person.

- Please keep all stories age appropriate to those in the audience.

- Please keep all stories to under about seven minutes.

- All storytellers deserve the gift of respectful listening.


Next Open Storytelling Event - June 11, 2023 @ 2pm

Storytelling TBD

Theme: Family Sagas


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