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Brave Conversations w/Andrea Flack-Wetherheld

Brave Conversations w/ Andrea Flack-Wetherheld - Wednesday, October 18, 7:00 pm @ First Presbyterian, Columbiana

Improv Comedian Andrea Flack-Wetherheld will join THE HUB for an evening focused on the art of listening, accepting and then adding to the stories of others. This workshop will help storytellers use the skills of improv comedy to improve their storytelling while - and most importantly - also hearing, and accepting, the stories of others, even when those stories are difficult, controversial or disturbing. A social worker turned comedian, Andrea has performed professionally in both Pittsburgh and New York City and now uses her skills to help those who work with difficult people - from HR specialists to first responders to social workers to churches - use the basic improv tool of “yes, and” to have the conversations we need to have but would rather avoid. More information on Andrea can be found at

Event is free, but we will be accepting donations to help cover the cost of Andrea’s honorarium. Andrea will also have copies of her book, The Funny Thing About Forgiveness for sale at $14 each.


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